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SK Systems Rentals

From a single piece of equipment to a complete system
For a singe performance or a full tour schedule
Our extensive inventory of the latest equipment and technology fitted with industry standard interface allows us to assemble a system to address your specific needs in an efficient and cost effective package.
Contact us for a quote and availability at: sky-systems.

To the right are photos of the audio package supplied by SK Systems for the current Donna Summer Tour. Click on the photos for a closer look at the DigiCo D-1 & the new SD-7 digital mixing consoles used at the Front of House and Monitor mix positions, as well as the full complement of digital and analog processing gear.

Event 1
DigiCo D-1Donna Summer Tour - Albequerque, NM
Sterling Heights, MI Donna Summer Tour
Tom Heinisch - FOH EngineerDave Belis - Monitor Engineer
Donna Summer Tour - Albequerque, NM
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